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Welcome thru the barn doors, Karma!

This young dog was dealt some crappy cards to start off her life and she was dumped at the shelter. It was obvious from just watching her move, rescue needed to get involved. How could we say no to such an adorable girl needing knee surgery. It's kinda becoming a habit around here. Karma will be our 5th dog to under go surgery for complications that look to be caused because of bad breeding. This is one of reasons we would much rather see adoption than purchasing from a back yard breeder. You and I can't tell from looking at a puppy if it will grow up healthy. So many poorly bred dogs become the unwanted and the forgotten. Not on our watch, not Karma.

She has grade 3 and grade 4 luxating patella in her 2 back knees. Her spirits are high, and right now we do not believe she is in significant pain. Unfortunately, that could drastically change if we don't do something. We are on a 6 month wait list for surgery, which gives us plenty of time to raise the funds needed to give this girl a reboot on a healthy life. Starting with Giving Tuesday this month, we will be stashing away for Karma's knees! Karma is a mix of sorts, weighing around 65lbs, with a severe wiggle butt.

Karma would do best in a single story home to rehab from surgery. A quiet home with not much activity, so she isn't overly excited, would be fantastic. She is very happy to be with her humans, and she excels with slow introductions with other dogs. Her wait for surgery and then rehab makes her a long term foster, between 10-12months. If this is your home, please consider fostering sweet Karma.

A little more about FFR

Our promise to our animals: We will love and protect you, provide an enriching and nurturing foster home, care for all your medical needs, give you the structure and training needed for success, and above all; treat you as our own while you are with us.


Our promise to our community: We will work together, we will be kind and considerate, we will educate, we will advocate, we will serve.


We are a small rescue established in 2017 to serve North Idaho and surrounding vicinity.  The farm hands bring rescue and animal welfare together with a focus on our local community needs.  Furry Farm concentrates on those most at risk, be it their medical needs, background, or baggage. We are not a high volume rescue, instead specializing in doing acute care, long term recovery and rehabilitation.  We operate as volunteer only, with all of our animals in the care of foster volunteers at their residence.  There is no "farm" or building to come visit animals at this time and all of our services start with the application process found on this website.  


The Furry Farm Rescue's Mission is to reduce abandonment and euthanasia by providing a safe, structured, loving transition to a forever home.

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Farm Hand Orientation next orientation is on Mar 11th at 7pm - with Skype. No download/login required.  Please join us for a brief session of FFR News, upcoming Programs and Events, and how you play a vital roll in saving their lives.

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