Adoption Alert: Abby

Farm Dog Adoption Alert!

As you all know, life slows down out at the farm. Often the animals we take in need extra amounts of care, be it training, medical recovery or more. For little Abby, we knew she should lose a little of the extra weight before undergoing her spay surgery. Older overweight dogs have a higher risk of complications. So, she came in thru those barn doors and jumped right on the scale. For the next 4 months her Foster to Adopt Family helped us keep her diet regulated and her exercise up, and it worked! Miss Abby dropped from 37 to 28lbs, a much more appropriate number for her frame.

Boyd and Kandi fell head over heels in love with Abby, but these past few months cemented their commitment to her for a lifetime. Abby found out just how amazing Laundramutt Do it Yourself Dog Wash and Auntie Tamara is to all the farm fosters. She got spoiled with a spa day right before Christmas. Then this January, while in for her spay with the AWESOME Dr. Laura, we also went the extra for Abby girl and did her dental. This little loaf of love is now in tip top shape and ready for her adventures ahead!

Kandi met our farm hands and foster dogs a few years back at Rathdrum Days, and has been patiently waiting for the right fit for her and Boyd to come along. We think you'll agree - it's clear to see they were meant to be Abby's family.

Welcome to the Farm Family, Kandi and Boyd!

Everyone raise a paw and congratulate Abby on her amazing new life!

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