Jinger is home

Jinger’s 2020 was pretty epic. Early in the year, I received a call from her adopters notifying us that Jinger needed to come back to Furry Farm. As with every dog that passes thru the barn doors, our commitment to them starts that very moment and lasts their lifetime. For any reason, should they need to come home, our arms are open wide.


She was in a little bit of rough shape, so we went to work with healing the wounds and seeing how her spirit settled in back here. I was super pleased, as she was still the kindest pibble, still a little nervous, but in all accounts very much adoptable. So we updated all her shots and set about to find the perfect family again. 

And that perfect family did come along. We had so much joy seeing sweet Jinger surrounded by kids again and feeling loved. Then we got a call, Jinger was limping and in pain.  I traded out our appointment for another dog and we got her into see Dr Ruth. What did we learn? We learned that Jinger needed surgery for her poor breeding.... She needed double knee TPLO surgeries. The family was devasted... They fell in love with Jinger deeply in those few days, but being responsible they knew chasing toddlers and doing recovery from surgery was not a healthy combination.

So, she came back to the farm and we got her appointments made with VSS, Dr Rohn in Spokane. And then we waited for months. The first knee was done on July 18, her second was on Sept 21st. Recovery took longer than expected, partly because of my busy schedule. But we kept at it and did all the steps and by Jan 1, Jinger was strong, feeling good and ready for her forever home. 

We kept a little secret between Quin, John, and myself. Around the time of her first surgery, I had reached out to them about the idea of waiting for Jinger to get healthy and having her come back to them permanently, once all healed up. They were game to wait, and we agreed to keep this from the kiddos for the time being. Words don’t do justice for the excitement of having Jinger come back in their lives and live a forever and ever fairytale ending with her wonderful family. 

Big congratulations to Jinger, and her amazing family! This journey is one for the story books, and after two knee surgeries and 10 months of waiting, Jinger is home!  

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