Kandy and Honey

Kandy and Honey came into thru the barn doors earlier this summer when their mom got really sick and was taken to the hospital. It wasn’t quite clear how things would progress for her, so we held them safely and kept them comfortable for a spell. The summer days rolled by and the girls had settled in with their amazing foster family really well, but we still were not their legal guardians. Not able to do all the things that Furry Farm does when they trot in those beautiful barn doors the first time.

Unfortunately, they were not able to go back home. But the bright side is now we are addressing all those major medical needs. Baseline senior panel blood work was done on each of them ($75x2) and then we got their dentals completed along with all their needed vaccinations ($195 x 2). The bloodwork showed some signs of concern, so we were now off to get further diagnosis for Cushing's disease ($197 x 2) for both of them. The labs confirmed they both have Cushing’s Syndrome. Learn more about this common disease in dogs and cats here: https://veterinarypartner.vin.com/default.aspx?pid=19239...

We are starting them on compounded (liquid) Trilostane ($80 x 2) to address the symptons and will have a series of rechecks for determining their ideal dose ($85 x4). Farm Family give Kandy and Honey a little love today. Help us keep the quality of care here at Furry Farm top notch. All in the total for the ladies, we are at $1434. Each dollar makes a difference.

Please consider these options to be a hero to Kandy and Honey today:

here on our website: thefurryfarmrescue.org

Or give Venmo a whirl: ? www.venmo.com/furryfarmrescue or @furryfarmrescue on the venmo app.

The PayPal option: paypal.me/furryfarmrescue

And we always love Classic ? Mail The Furry Farm Rescue PO Box 394 Rathdrum, ID 83858

Thank you for believing in Kandy and Honey and the work we do. ???