The Furry Farm does accept Owner Surrender animals.  This is based on availability, need, and individual assessment. There is no fee associated with surrender, as we find families are often already in hardship and distress.  As a foster based rescue, we can only take in animals in need if we have an open foster home.  We will follow up with additional resources/options if we can not help at this time.   

Some other great local resources:

Update - January 2022:  The numbers of homeless pets in our area, regionally and even on a national level started rising exponentially last summer. The requests for help with pets has not let up for us. The empty shelters of a year ago are now overflowing.  There are economic impacts at play; locally we are seeing a crazy spike in home prices and rental fees.  The moratorium on Evictions has been removed.  People returning to work. 

Furry Farm averages between 2-6 animal intakes a month and we are receiving up to 8 requests a day from the community. 

Every rescue and shelter is feeling this burden.  We ask that you be patient, as our farm hand volunteers are doing the best we can for animals already in our care, along with helping find a solution for you.  If you love your animals, right now the best thing for them is to stay with you, even if conditions are not ideal.  With the volume of requests, we are unable to guarantee a personal response to every request.  Again, thank you for your patience during this challenging period.