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The Furry Farm Rescue is run by volunteers, and we are looking for like-minded individuals who are ready to give back to our community, but also be ready for some snuggles, giggles, heartache, and amazing happy tails. If this sounds like you, apply to be a farm hand today.




Do you have skills that you are just burning to pay forward to help the community? 

Have you ever wanted to help with rescue, but cannot foster a pet? 

Maybe you live at a distance, but still want to help? 

Well, then The Furry Farm Rescue is the place for you! We have positions for volunteers beyond fostering and even telecommuting positions!




Spring of 2024: We are actively seeking Farm Hands for the following roles:


Barn Cat Helpers - We need 2-3 volunteers in the North Idaho area that can assist with our barn cat relocation program. Volunteers will need to be available to help with one or more of the following: set/check traps, transport cats (to/from the clinic for spay and then deliver to new home), clean traps/kennels/litter boxes. 

       Estimated hours per month: Time: 3-4 focused days (Wednesday to Sunday) a few times throughout the year          Location: Rathdrum Vicinity


Newsletter Developer - One or two people who create and distribute the monthly newsletter and update the mailer system with new emails/mailing addresses. Skills needed: computer savvy to use Mailer Lite program, writing skills, Canva, etc. 

Estimated hours per month: 4-5 hours a month 

       Location: Telecommuting position and does not need to be local to Rathdrum

Photographer - All of our animals benefit from quality photos showing off their finer furry sides. You would meet with the foster coordinator and/or foster families to take photos of our adoptable animals when they are ready for adoption.

      Estimated hours per month: 2

      Location: Rathdrum Vicinity


Transport Helpers – We need volunteers that can pick up animals from their foster and transport to vet appointments, adoption events, and drop off/pick up supplies. We especially need people who regularly travel between Spokane and Kootenai County.

       Estimated hours per month: What you can give, ~6

       Location: Greater Spokane/Kootenai Counties


Event Farm Hand – Adoption events through the spring to fall always have open shifts for helping with a leash or sharing with the community our mission and how we help homeless pets.

       Estimated hours Mar to Oct: What you can give, shifts are 3-4 hrs

       Location: Greater Spokane/Kootenai Counties 





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